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We view technology as a tool, not an end in itself. We believe our products and services should represent real value to our clients. The knowledge and experience of our people is the product we deliver through our solutions and services, giving our clients the assurance that we are giving our very best.

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Fundamental Analysis System (FAS) for shareholders companies


FAS is the latest analysis of financial systems in the region, a system for financial analysis and evaluation of the expanded credit specialist for the use of banks and financial institutions.
This system provide an integrated database for financial institutions and banks to analyze the budgets of companies of all kinds Where most of these institutions are working currently on Microsoft Excel.
The system works into two areas; the first one is investment analysis and evaluation , and the second is analysis and assessment of the credit . More...

Technical Analysis for stock market


Multi-Threaded Charting and Rendering, new Multi-Threaded Analysis module, automatic Walk-Forward Testing, new Ranking functions, Multi-monitor floating charts, symbol and interval linking, drag-and-drop indicator creation, Industry fastest, multi-threaded unlimited-symbol True Portfolio-Level Backtesting and Optimization

Quick Hub(eFAWATEERcom Integration) Banks Side


Quick Hub is an application connect on eFAWATEERcom services, from the bank side this application performs five main services for bank:
1- User profile.
2- Bill Inquiry.
3- Bill Payment.
4- Receive Payment Notification.
5- Reconciliation.

Quick Hub(eFAWATEERcom Integration) Biller Side


Quick Hub is an application connect on eFAWATEERcom services, from the biller this application performs 6 main services for biller:
1- Statistics about Bill Inquiry.
2- Bill Upload.
3- Receive Payment Notification.
4- Reconciliation.
5- Reflect any transaction on biller accounting system.
6- Generate batch file for all transactions daily.



Getting in and out of the mall with your sanity intact can be a challenge in and of itself, nevermind trying to save money in the process. Life can be made just a little easier when install ShopMob application on your Android device, and this for finding offers, and checking prices.

Reconciliation Transactions System


The reconciliation system will cover the following functions: ° Daily updating of the cash book regarding expenditure and income transactions.
° Monthly reconciliation of the computerised cash book to bank statements.
° Regular review of the Council’s bank facilities and bank overdraft limits.

Information Security Management System


ISO 27001 allows organizations to define what parts of its overall ecosystem are in scope for compliance. Organizations must then create an Information Security Management System (ISMS), which includes a number of documents and controls, as described in ISO 27002.
ISO defines a scope which is detailed in a statement of applicability (“SOA”) around which security controls are built. Whilst it would be easy to look at ISO 27001 requirements and see that only a few of them directly mention application security, managers and internal compliance teams should understand that it is important to first determine the scope and then build security around it.